Face shaving and busting myths

If you wanted to get rid of facial hair for a long time then ladies let me tell you shaving is one the best treatment.

It is also known as derma planning. But it is believed that if you shave your face the hair will grow back thicker like men right? This belief is especially common on the eastern side because that is what is told and seen when men shave their face.

Let me tell you something like a female no matter where you shave your hair will never grow back thicker unless you already have thick hair. But if you don’t then when you shave hair won’t grow back thicker. This is because female hormones designed the hair to be thin. When it is not in our genes how the hell will they change.

Another thing about face shaving is you get rid of the peach fuzz. That is right you will have smooth and shiny skin. Your makeup application would be smooth and skin perfect. Trust me you will feel gour makeup game changing.

The second best thing about face shaving is that you get rid of dry dead skin. Yes, because shaving is sort of like exfoliation. You will see all those dead cells are being removed away from your face as you shave and trust me if you thought that is your natural colour wait till you see the effects after shaving.

However, shaving when done right can be really great. For example either shave your face dry or with oil. I would not prefer shaving your face with soap or shampoo as it is not very effective.

Face shaving myth is all not true and trust me I have been doing it for 3 years and it has never once given me thick hair. However, always do a test patch first because sensitive skin might not react well to shaving.


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