I have seen women literally tearing other women, constantly hating on them and backstabbing each other women, commenting on them and bringing each other down.

I think for what I have described men are doing enough to shatter women down and instead women should have a constant support system they are being worse than
men and becoming bitches for no apparent reason.

Yes, literally no apparent reason.

Let me give you a few examples. Here how it works your boyfriend/husband cheats on you and instead of punishing him and instead of lashing out on him you find that other women, search her, aim and then bang there is a war going on between you.

Hello? Knock! Knock!

Yourman cheated, your man was out of his leash and your man stepped out of the bond of that sacred relationship that women was merely a pawn.

Yes, I agree women should not go around pursuing men who are already taken. Yes, she is responsible but he is the one who was committed to you and not her and instead you lash out on her take a good look at the one who committed a loyal relationship to you.

Next up is when two female friends fight it is not that fight lasts for some time and then all is forgotten. Oh hell no, they would jump on each other and bring out all the mean things from the past and then they would gossip about each other with some random people and would expose them in the ways they could.

Hello, this a fight between you too resolve within you and be done with it.

Oh, so I see you do not like her pictures because she wears too much makeup and has everything designer in them? Oh, so you hate her pictures because she doesn’t
have designer everything or the fact she has a minimum to no makeup or hat she has a boyfriend, shit maybe she does not have a boyfriend that is why you cannot stand her. Wait a minute you do not like her because you are simply jealous of her or you feel that you deserve more than her. But you have set your mind into hating her right?

C’mon she loves to do makeup let her and appreciate her if you do not like her then don’t go around making fun add this phrase in your life “constructive criticism” yup that is right it is acceptable it exists and it is not harsh. But the way you tell is definitely having an arrow pierced in your heart. Appreciate the hard work and help to correct her flaws instead of bringing each other down because the next time someone might point fingers at you.

Women judging each other on the basis that how “open” she is. I believe men have already taken that subject with their own ideology so there is no need for an omen to add onto that, in fact, they should stick together and fight that particular ideology of men.

Women telling other women to always make yourself inferior to men particularly when it comes to marriage. Yes, that exists and if you are unaware then congratulations your whole life was a lie and you are still living in a rock or maybe you have good women around you. Literally, women are telling and giving advice, especially mothers telling their details to take down the liberalism a notch and allow their husbands to be superior to them or their brothers or any man in their life.

Please stop this is just seriously some weird shit going around and I guess after all that education women it is time to realize that we need to unite because of we already
have the opposite gender attacking us and by the way, their bond is much stronger than ours so it is time we tighten up the chains as well and show love and respect to each other instead of following the other way around.

It is time to create the bond of love and support.


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