Women need to be made aware of the ongoing situations and events going on around the world regarding women harassment, rape, and kidnapping. Crimes against women are getting worse and worse in some areas whereas laws are being put down against such crimes.

However, law or no law women still need to be made aware regarding protection, rights and the fact that saying no is not a big deal.

Women need to empower themselves regarding protection. They should make an effort to learn to deal with the situation in which they are harassed, persecuted or catcalled or even attacked. They should be able to alone fight against these crimes and do not always rely on a male figure or some authorities to always seek refuge but be their own protector because there are situations when you need to protect yourselves.

Women need to identify the rights they are given and fight using those rights. If they have a right to claim property, then no one can take that right away. But what usually happens is that women are unaware of their rights making them suitable targets to attack or be let down.

Women also need to say no. Because often we say no we do not take a stand so we are taken advantage of in many ways we cannot imagine. By saying no, we give up our rights and give up our freedom. e become a target against many unethical acts. Like when you give your husband freedom to beat you then he will always beat you with or without any reason because you didn’t say no and never stood up.

So the females of today and tomorrow need to be trained against unethical acts and immoral situations because we need to stop and bring a change against the treatment of women in the society.



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